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An Anime Fan Goes Psycho...

Current Anime Obssesion: Maria Sama Ga Miteru

7 November
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In order for some more data about me to be provided, I'm here stating that I'm over the age of 18 (actually I'm on my mid 20's).

Last updated 2012

~~~Я тебя люблю / хочу вас полюбить меня / когда я чувствую вниз с / я хочу вас над мной~~~

Basically I'm a changing being.. One day I might be blue, but you never know what am I going to be the next... I don't like being always the same... I love being childrish at times, but that does *not* mean that I actually *am* childrish.

I love to both read and write, I *am* quite a reader, when I pick a book I like I wont let go until I finish it (fair to say I'm a bit OCD), as far as my writing goes, I *do* write poetry (wont say good or bad, that's for those who have seen it to decide), and I adore writing fanfiction. As far as my poetry goes, I do *not* publish it, as it is mine I prefer to keep it close. Fanfiction on the other hand, I *love* to share it, so if anyone would like to read my fanfiction, and/or publish it... Just ask.

Fanfic Writer And Anime Lover

Trading Card


Volk-Krosh's Johari Window.
User Number: Unknown
Date Created:Dawn Of Time
Number of Posts: Too many

Volk is: defiant, anti-authority, extroverted, verbally independent, good if you are worth if, friendly if you are, reflective, weird, a Babe In Total Control of Herself, witty, easy going most of the time. Volk is also a lesbian and an Artist.
Strengths: Easy to please, eager to help. Master verbal/physical skills. Lang owner. Extensive yuri and anime knowledge and unbeatable bishoujo bishonen looks.
Weaknesses: Everlasting huger for Yuri. Undesirable drive towards ridicule. Unable to resist sudden urges to burst into laughter or ride roller coasters.
Special Skills: Volk has kitten like responses, loves to purr, mew and nibble. She is a Black belt 6th Dan {TKD} and has great fencing, chess and swimming skills
Weapons: Sharp mind, teeth and claws. Ability to switch langs and voice in a whim, write restlessly, remain awake for days and add pervness to most situations
Allies: Trusty laptop, extensive vocabulary, unbelievably big anime supply/personal anime supplier, branded coffee, magical ingredients Green Tea and Cheerios

Rosa Yeskaoda


I am The Rosa Yeskaoda volk_krosh

And my Kawaii Bouton is little_wren

Volk-Krosh's Johari Window.

If you know me then you know

Sorry for all the credits but as I am html semi-useless I have no idea what so ever about how to put things right, so... Credit goes to whoever claims it, I did none of the color bars or such.

This one... I made...

Also known as "Will, Ohi & Volk"...


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